Drum Workshops + Classes
Issa conducts workshops from New York to Maine.

Current classes : see FACEBOOK

Number of participants can vary from 10 - 100 people. All skill levels can be accommodated, from beginner to advanced.

Some workshops are 1.5 hours, some continue for multiple 8-hour days.

Tell us your idea and budget and we can design a workshop to meet your specifications.

Issa also holds classes for special needs populations. See resume.

• How to make and maintain your drum
• Techniques for playing the drum
Traditional African/Malian Rhythms
• African Dance

Connecticut College
Workshop in African Dance

7am - 3pm once a week / Semester-long College course - 12 weeks

Workshop for grade school students (1st - 5th Grade)
Connecticut Elementary School, Granby, CT
45 minutes per class / once a week / semester-long course
• How to play the djembe
• Student Performance at semester end
Workshop for High School students (age 14-18)

Classes - Ongoing:
In addition to workshops, Issa leads several classes in traditional rhythms/technique for the djembe that are open to the public. All levels welcome. Bring your own drum or drums available for sale/rental.